Camping with an Infant

What to pack for camping with a baby? (Only kid items on this list.)

Toiletries and personal care

  • Disposable baby wipes
    They are a very versatile piece of gear, bring lots of them.
  • Large Ziploc bags
    Great for soiled clothes, poopy diapers and more
  • Paper towels
    Tough blue shop towels are the best. They could be used as burp clothes and as general purpose wipes.
  • Dog poop bags for dirty diapers

Personal items

  • Fleece picnic blanket
  • Favorite toy
  • White noise maker


  • Warm hat
  • Overnight cloth diapers
  • Weather-appropriate selection of cloths
  • Disposable diapers
    Disposable diapers are the best even if you're cloth diapering. Just imagine how many soiled cloth diapers you'll be trucking around for a few days.
  • Down or heavy fleece bunting
  • Sun hat

Food and drink

  • Baby bottle
  • Bottle liners
  • Baby formula
  • Purified water


  • Infant first-aid kit
    For example: http://www.packwhiz.com/l/11888496/baby-first-aid-kit
  • Infant insect repellent
  • Diaper rash cream


  • Diaper bag
    Or other way to organize baby stuff to either carry separately or in a larger backpack.
  • Travel changing pad
  • Baby carrier
  • Peapod baby tent
  • Warm blanket
  • Large umbrella
    Could be used as sun shade as well as rain protection for the baby
  • Nursing-friendly camping chair
  • Lantern, headlamp and/or other light sources
  • Crazy creek for nursing in the tent at night
  • Battery operated baby monitor
    Handy for when your baby falls asleep in a tent while you're still playing "taboo" with your friends around the fire.
  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Mattress

To do

  • Get the cold packs or ice ready for the cooler
  • Charge and/or replace the batteries